The Salvation Army Songsters of the Govan Citadel Corps


ALIVE – The news that broke on the world in the early hours of that first Easter Sunday has stayed in the headlines for more than 2000 years. Two days previously, the intinerant preacher, teacher and miracle worker called Jesus had been brutally murdered by crucifixion. He was buried, with the tomb sealed by a stone. Jesus was dead.

But the story took a dramatic twist when Mary, a friend of Jesus, visited the tomb to pay her respects. Seeing a man who she thought to be a gardener, she asked him the exact location of the tomb. To her amazement the man she was talking to was Jesus. Walking! Talking! Alive!

He told her to go and tell his other friends that he was alive. She did that immediately, and though it was hard for them to believe, it wasn’t too long before they saw Him for themselves.

For two millenia the news that Jesus is alive is central to the Christian message. Christians may develop different styles of worship, and take differing views on theological and ethical issues, but they stand together in one thing – the fact that Jesus Christ is alive!

The news is the theme of the exhilarating CD ALIVE! by the Salvation Army Songsters of the Govan Citadel Corps, Glasgow, Scotland. The people whose voices you hear blending in harmony in this wide variety of Christian songs are also united in the hope that their singing will help convince you of the truth of the message – that Jesus Christ is alive, and that believing in Him, and following Him is the way to personal fulfilment in the 21st century.

Commissioner Keith Banks